Header Test

Verify if Feature-Policy is enabled on the site

Checking for the feature policy header...

Great! Feature Policy header was found
in the HTTP response headers as highlight below.

Couldn’t find the Feature Policy header
in the response headers.

Header Value



About Feature Policy Header

The Feature Policy header, when present on your website, tells the browser which browser features does the site want enabled/disabled. This test checks for the presence of this header in your site’s HTTP responses.

Why you should care?

Using HTTP headers to control browser features surely that’s crossing the line, right? Not really, if you consider just how powerful browsers have become over time, especially those like Chrome that offer a sophisticated set of developer tools. Some of these features can be used to probe unnecessarily deeper, uncovering more information than they should, and in some cases, even making possible certain types of attacks.

A good example would be blocking all possible geolocation, camera and microphone features across your sites, plugging many security holes and providing confidence to the website user.

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