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Check what referrer information is
being advertised in the HTTP response headers

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in the response headers.

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About Referrer Policy

The Referrer policy is used by the server to define its behavior of setting the HTTP Referer headers (please note that the misspelling “Referer” is historical and has been accepted universally when talking about these headers) under different conditions. The HTTP Referer header simply contains information about the source from which the current request originated.

Why you should care?

One use of having HTTP Referer headers on your server is that the responses can then be analyzed for, say, analytics. Getting to know which sources of traffic are your largest revenue-drivers, for instance, can help you optimize your strategy. That said, analytics platforms today are JavaScript-driven and so there’s little need to rely on this header.

The greater need for setting an HTTP referer policy is for security. If these headers are being generated on the server and not controlled properly, sensitive meta-information about the incoming request can get passed from an HTTPS endpoint to a non-secure, HTTP one, nullifying the benefits of adding HTTPS encryption to your website.

If you need help with the configuration then check out this guide.

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