TTFB (Time to First Byte) Test

Check how quickly your server responds
to the requests made by the browser

Performing TTFB test...

Performing TTFB test...

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753 milliseconds

Great! The time taken to
load the first byte is low.

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753 milliseconds

The time taken to load
the first byte is high.

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About TTFB

The Time to First Byte (TTFB) indicates how quickly a web server responds to requests (be it browser-based or APIs). It’s measured as the time taken from the moment the user submits the Web request, to the moment when the first byte of response is received from the server.

Please note that in this, it’s different from page load time, which measures how long it takes for a page to fully load once it has started rendering. You’ll see the poor TTFB phenomenon in many sites: they’re very fast once the page starts rendering, but there seems to be an initial hiccup or “warmup time” to overcome.

Why you should care?

You should care about TTFB since it’s a key metric considered by search engines, and a high TTFB can lead to lower rankings even if you have stellar content.

How to lower the TTFB?

The Time to First Byte is actually a reflection of how the website is set up and how fast the underlying hardware is. There can be a number of reasons for high TTFB, and these need to be addressed to improve the TTFB performance:

  • Slow DNS resolution
  • Slow HTTPS redirection or certificate verification
  • Slow database connection (for dynamic sites like WordPress)
  • Poor disk performance (Disk I/O) of the server
  • Poor network connection to the server
  • Insufficient system resources (CPU and RAM) on the server

Generally, the problem is on hosting platform like shared hosting where they pool resources among different sites.

You may consider hosting your site or web application with the reliable hosting platform and also plan to use CDN. Some of them are as following.

  • Kinsta - for Premium WordPress hosting
  • Google Cloud - for small to enterprise applications
  • A2 Hosting - for Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, Magento, PHP-based applications
  • Cloudflare - CDN with Security
  • SUCURI - Global CDN and cloud-based security for any websites

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Check how quickly your server responds to the requests made by the browser

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