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Finding broken links...

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About Broken Link Checker

Broken links simply mean that your website has links that are no more valid. While we like to think of the Web as a harmonious, if complex, soup of links pointing to every which way, the reality is that over time, webpages die or are migrated, and nobody bothers to clean up the old links.

Why you should care?

For your website, it’s bad news because it makes the user experience sloppy. In case there are too many dead links, it can cause search engines to stop indexing your website!

How to fix broken links?

Broken links can be fixed on two levels: by you or by the original publisher. It’d be nice if the original publisher would create proper redirects for broken links before they move on, but it’s not the case. Thus, it’s up to you to fetch a list of all the broken links on your website (yes, using a tool like this!) and edit them one by one.

Geekflare broken link checker can crawl up-to 3000 links. However, if the site got massive links and need more advanced tools then you may consider using SEMrush.

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