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About Ping Online Tool

Ping is a tool that is practically as old as the Internet itself. Its exclusive use is in determining whether you’re able to reach a server or not. It does so by sending data packets directly to the server and waiting for a response. This way, you also get a crucial metric for website performance: latency. Latency simply means the amount of time it takes a server to start responding to your request, and is measured in milliseconds.

Why you should care?

Ping is an additional, powerful source of diagnostics when it comes to Internet connectivity. You can’t be certain a website is down until you’ve seen the ping response, because otherwise, there are too many factors that could be resulting in the connection failure.

The most important output of Ping is latency. If you’re running a game server (or playing a game) and find that things are not behaving as expected, you can confirm through Ping that a high latency exists (causing players to misread each other’s movements as it takes 0.5-1 second for data to travel between them).

Geekflare Ping tool perform the PING from London, Mumbai and Oregon (US West) and provide minimum, average and maximum latency information.

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