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About Traceroute Online Tool

As data to and from your website flows through the Internet, it passes through several networks in the form of data packets handled by intelligent transport algorithms.

While this distributed style of data passing gives the Internet incredible tenacity, it also introduces multiple points of failure. This is what the Traceroute test is all about: it scans streams of packet data as they reach your website through different geographical locations.

As such, if there are points that are slowing the traffic down or dropping packets, you get to know and take corrective action.

Why you should care?

Traceroute is a highly precise (or better said, perfectly precise!) tool for not just proving that a network is slow, but also showing exactly where it is slow. While generally there isn’t much you can do about, say, a slow network in a particular country.

Traceroute pinpoints the place where things went wrong, and this information can be useful in a variety of ways (for instance, arguing that the site itself isn’t slow and that the network will recover soon, restoring normalcy).

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